The Walking Man Expanded Edition

Jiro Taniguchi

  • Translation: Tiernan, Shimoyama & Sivasubramanian
  • Pages: 232
  • ISBN: 9781912097364

  • UK: £25.00
  • US: $30.00

We are delighted to be able to relaunch and enlarge Taniguchi’s most cherished title. A book in which nothing happens but everything occurs. The Walking Man follows a modern day Japanese business man as he strolls at random through urban Japan – often silent, usually alone – with his vivid dreams that let time stand still. Join him as he climbs a tree in bare feet, takes time out to observe the birds, plays in the puddles after the rain and returns a shell to the sea. Contains 3 extra stories and 28 pages in colour. Original sense of reading.

Take some stress out of your life and relax with The Walking Man a little step every day.

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