Charlotte Salomon

Ferramosca & De Francisco

  • Pages: 128 Soft cover
  • Translation: Noemi Milanesio
  • ISBN: 978-1-912097-41-8

  • UK: £16.99
  • US: $22.00

Charlotte was a young Jewish painter with a destiny that had already marked the other women in her family, introducing her to depression and suicide.

In her moments of greatest despair, Charlotte found deep inside herself, among the pain and the madness, the creative force to reinvent her life: in less than two years she created Life? Or Theater?, a masterpiece of 1,300 pages where painting, writing, theater and music intersect.

It’s the story of her childhood and studies, of the suicides of her grandmother and mother, of her romantic relationships and of Nazism.

Persecuted by the Nazis in Germany, she finds refuge in France. But after a Gestapo round-up, the death she was escaping from by using her art reaches her in the hell of Auschwitz at the early age of 26.

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