• Pages: 264 Hardcover
  • Translation: Montana Kane
  • ISBN: 978-1-912097-03-6

  • UK: £30.00


Life is far from rosy for comic author Simon Muchat. He’s lost inspiration in his work and meaning in his life. But when he’s invited to Portugal for a few days, he accidentally finds something he wasn’t looking for: the smells of childhood, the melody of summer laughter, the radiant warmth of a forgotten―and possibly abandoned―family.

What is the mystery behind the Muchat clan? Why does Simon feel that he doesn’t come from anywhere? And why do the sounds and rhythms of this foreign language, which he neither speaks nor understands, make his whole being tingle? Answers and more questions await him on this regenerative journey. As he confronts a past that’s been erased, Simon can finally retrace his own path and life can finally recover its full palette. In a work bordering on personal memoir, using humor and vivacity, bold colors and raw emotions, Cyril Pedrosa has created a seminal tale on the quest for identity. A great companion for his other title with us “Equinoxes”.

Expected November 2017.

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