About us

Fanfare / Ponent Mon is a working liaison between two people with one aim - to bring quality storytelling in the comic medium from wherever it is found to everywhere it should be.

Formed in 2003 they first focused on the French and Japanese alternative scene through Frédéric Boilet´s "Nouvelle Manga" movement but are beginning to widen their scope and geography with the newer titles.

With twelve Eisner and a two Ignatz nominations in the past 5 years plus a list of press reviews to die for, their choice of titles is virtually peerless.

They hope to be around long enough to bring some original works to their readers.


Ponent Mon

Ctra. Perello s/n, 43513 Rasquera (Tarragona), SPAIN

Tel.: 34 639 707 390

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Wheelhead Farm, Doddington, PE15 0TB, UK

Tel.: 44 7958 283867 / Fax: 44 1354 740990 / Skype: Fanfareuk

Email: Contact us


  • example2 Kazuichi Hanawa
  • example2 Nananan Kiriko posing with Corinne Quentin y Frédéric Boilet
  • example2 Yoshihiro Tatsumi
  • example2 Kan Takahama
  • example2 Daisuke Igarashi
  • example2 Little Fish posing with Aurélia Aurita, Frédéric Boilet, Shizuka Shimoyama and Miguel Ángel Ibáñez Muñoz (Micko)
  • example2 Little Fish posing with Aurélia Aurita