How do I make payments?

Payments are made securely through Paypal.

On the page for each book you'll find a "BUY" button which adds your order to the shopping cart. By clicking on the shopping cart button you can check the status of your order and make adjustments.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a payment gateway that allows businesses and consumers with an email address to send and receive payments online securely, easily and quickly. Over 100 million people in 55 countries use Paypal. PayPal is free, secure, global and respects your privacy. That's why we leave the transaction part of your purchase up to Paypal.

How long will your order take to arrive?

  • Orders paid with the UK or US buttons will take 7 working days at the most
  • Orders paid with the Rest of the world button can take up to 3 weeks